Thursday, September 23, 2010


How to Manipulate Fonts Using html

While type may be a very simple process or something one may consider not that important, it can make or break your web page.

Here is an example of all the things we just learned!!

The End of the Quest for the Blue Crystal

The Blue Crystal is a mystical artifact. It gives the user control over water and ice. Andy the ancient protector had just been defeated by the evil armies of Hyrule. Galliban a time traveling hero from 2057 had just arrived.
Whoosh!! as a rocket went flying toward the evil army, but there was no explosion just a big thump, and all but the strongest fell to the ground. Galliban had used a stun rocket. The only one left standing was Parundathe evil dictator.
The battle between them was long and fierce because of Galliban's technology and Parunda's magic. Galliban had a anti magic shield so Parunda couldn't hit him directly with magic, but it also prevented Galliban from using any of his super weapons. The battle went on for days Galliban dodging and parunda attacking neither showing any wear.
The battle had been going on for two long weeks. Galliban came up with an idea to end this feud. Parunda would keep going util the world was to an end to get the crystal. Gallibad dropped his shield and fired three shots at the Blue Crystal the crystal shattered.
As the crystal emploded send a wave of ice freezing everything in sight, inclueding Parunda. Galliban teleported back to his time without even a scratch. The world had been saved by Galliban just an ordinary human from the future.

How to Manipulate Fonts Using html

One of the most prevelant things on a website is text and knowing how to manipulate it to create a strong typographical design is of great importance. This tutorial will show you how to changr font sizes, color, and placement.

1. Begin with a basic HTML page with your usual header followed by a body. You can decide what type of font you would like to use at this point. If you choose to use the same font type as well as size throughout, you can use what is called the base font. It will be set up like this:

2. The next thing you may want to consider is the use of different type faces. To do this, you should follow the next process shown: (also, you should keep in mind that if the user does not have your chosen font, they may not be able to see it and the font will default to times new roman)

This paragraph now has the specified font

3. Another thing to take into consideration is the size of your font. You can choose numbers between 1 (smallest) and 7 (largest). To do this you will follow these steps:

Your font size is now a 5

4. To set the color of your font you can either use the name or the rgb.

Your text will now be RED


Your text is now hexcolor #990000

5. you can use commands such as to italicize your font or to bold your font. These come in hand when you want a word or paragraph to stand out from the rest.

6. The last thing you may want to look at is the placement of your text. Should it be centered? Right aligned? Left aligned? Here is how to complete each of those tasks:

Center alignment

Left alignment

Right alignment

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Simon Foster Design

I found the website of Simon Foster a graphic designer. His website is a successful one because of how well organized and thought out it is. The type is easy to read, the design is pleasing to the eye, and the links all lead back to one another so there is no having to use the browser back button. There are six links within the website to click on. Each shows a different part of importance about the designer and his work. Once a link is clicked on, the options of all the other links are still available making it easy to navigate through the whole website. However, there are some links that are hard to navigate through once you get deeper within the website. Other than the few links, it is pretty much a cinch to get back and forth from beginning to end. The color is light beige with black design and wording. The black wording works well as a contrast on the beige and draws the eye instantly to the thinker black parts. The first place that they eye is drawn to are the huge words that say “hello.” The viewer then feels as if the designer of the web page is greeting them as they enter the website. The typography is well done; the type font used is legible and suiting for the purpose of this website. There are good uses of hierarchy as well. Words that are more important have thicker fonts as well as larger font usage. There is good repetition in design that helps the website to flow more easily and look as if all the links and pages belong together. This website uses a combination of graphics and type to create a well balanced and successful website. The purpose of this site is to inform the viewer of the work that Simon Foster has completed and can create as well.


The second website that I found was a flash website, and I think that it is such a cool website. All of the drawers on the desk open, the chair moves, the lamp turns on, and so does the chandelier over the table. The website is full of color and is designed as if you were in an office room. There is a desk, a lamp, a chair, a cat, and many other little items that decorate the office. The drawers on the desk open and put words onto the computer sitting on the desk. Those words describe the action and next link that is going to be viewed if clicked on. The links are easy to navigate to and from because they open a new page within the page and can just be exited out of. There are many examples of the creator’s work as well as some information about her. There isn’t really any hierarchy of anything in this website, but it does work. They typography, in my opinion, doesn’t fit perfectly with the website. It is a little more child-like and magical than the original scene portrays the situation to be. There isn’t any sound, which I think would make the website more successful. I think that the website does communicate well with the audience and portrays the message it is supposed to. It shows her work, and it does it in a creative way that makes the audience become more intrigued. This website is, while not perfect, successful.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Magazine attempt 2

This is my final project....I like it a lot better! I did an actual article instead of the contents page and cover page with article. I changed my article as well and tried to make this one like an actual magazine! I think it turned out well.

1st draft for magazine

So this is my first attempt...I dont like it that much, but i do like the idea of it. I did a redo, so it is a lot better than this one. It will be my next post.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

okay this was supposed to be posted first cause it was the "almost ready" book cover. I do like this one, especially because of the title font, but i guess its cause i'm a girl and that is the kind of font i would like...haha. the final font is a lot stronger and better for the cover, so i agree that it needed to be changed, no matter how sad i was to do it.

Book Cover Final

I really love how my book cover turned out! I feel so proud of it and liked showing it off in class...yeah i'm that happy about it!!! I definitely put a lot of hard work into this project and i really think it shows. There were a lot of last minute changes and late night printouts and assembly but it worked out for the best. Its still not perfect, as with all projects there is still room to push it to its full potential. I'm going to fix a few things and put the final final project up, so hopefully there will be a definite change.