Thursday, September 23, 2010


How to Manipulate Fonts Using html

While type may be a very simple process or something one may consider not that important, it can make or break your web page.

Here is an example of all the things we just learned!!

The End of the Quest for the Blue Crystal

The Blue Crystal is a mystical artifact. It gives the user control over water and ice. Andy the ancient protector had just been defeated by the evil armies of Hyrule. Galliban a time traveling hero from 2057 had just arrived.
Whoosh!! as a rocket went flying toward the evil army, but there was no explosion just a big thump, and all but the strongest fell to the ground. Galliban had used a stun rocket. The only one left standing was Parundathe evil dictator.
The battle between them was long and fierce because of Galliban's technology and Parunda's magic. Galliban had a anti magic shield so Parunda couldn't hit him directly with magic, but it also prevented Galliban from using any of his super weapons. The battle went on for days Galliban dodging and parunda attacking neither showing any wear.
The battle had been going on for two long weeks. Galliban came up with an idea to end this feud. Parunda would keep going util the world was to an end to get the crystal. Gallibad dropped his shield and fired three shots at the Blue Crystal the crystal shattered.
As the crystal emploded send a wave of ice freezing everything in sight, inclueding Parunda. Galliban teleported back to his time without even a scratch. The world had been saved by Galliban just an ordinary human from the future.

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